Business Services

"Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art."

Andy Warhol

Specialized Training

Looking for someone to come in and help design either an individual training or a series of trainings for your team, to help them get up-to-speed on processes or issues, help them become better communicators or brainstormers, get them to bond as a team, or even to conduct an orientation for your new employees?  I can work with you on the right program to meet your needs, and I can deliver that program in a memorable and engaging format.  If you are looking for some ideas of topics, please check out my specialized programming page.


Leadership Development


Leadership skills are something people rarely come to the table fully-equipped with, and it can be tricky to just learn "on the job."  If you or some members of your management team need help coming up with leadership development plans and support working through real-life situations, contact me.  I am available to come in and work with an individual or individuals on their unique and specific leadership development goals through real-time business challenges. 


Business Coaching

I've spent a decade helping bring ideas to life, and helping businesses and organizations spot the problems that are holding them back or looming over them up ahead.

Primarily for small businesses and entrepreneurs, I am available as a business coach and COO-on-demand.  I am here to hear you and your concerns. We will work together to help identify some of the larger or more complex problems that are stumping you, and I will talk you through identifying the component pieces of those problems, giving you specific and manageable tasks for you to tackle.  Depending on your needs, I can also help you identify a timeline for these actionable tasks and act as your accountability partner in the process.  

Meeting Facilitation


Do you have an important meeting or team conversation coming up that you would like facilitated with efficiency, active listening, a sense of humor, and positivity?  If this is the type of energy you would like to infuse into your next meeting, please contact me.  We will work together to determine your needs and concerns in advance of your meeting and craft an agenda that can tackle the issues you would like to discuss.  Let's keep the conversations productive, engaging, positive, and collaborative. 

Testimonal: Susan N.

With my small business, Jennifer helped me get past re-checking the normal marketing and sales skill sets I've learned over the years and go straight to the value-based questions. How am I growing the customer trust and relationships so that we continue to meet their needs? What do I need to learn to keep up with industry changes brought about by technology and acquisitions? What can we do to change-up my business to be more productive? And what do I need to do to not bring stress to the business and our customers - how can I relax and learn to enjoy the activities more? Going to the bottom line is a non-traditional and unique approach which seems painful at times, but without change and learning there is no growth. Checking-back on a regular basis keeps us focused and on track.

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