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Conference Services

Looking for unique presentations, services that facilitate enjoyable, unique networking opportunities, helping conference attendees feel more comfortable interacting with each other, or for meeting facilitation services?  We can help!


"Jennifer is able to captivate an audience...Her presentations are always entertaining, interactive, and sprinkled with just the right amount of improv. Highly recommend!"

-- Eric C., Frequent Client

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"I can confidently say that it was the best presentation we had at the conference. "

— Stephanie T., Conference Organizer, Women in Law & Leadership

Speaking / Presentations

We  provide engaging, specialized presentations on a variety of professional development and career advancement topics.

Orlando-Area Conferences

Planning a conference in the Orlando area?  We have dedicated some of our time and resources to supporting our local community, and in that vein, we are able to offer 1 free conference kickstarter program in the area per week, as time and availability permit.

Contact us now to schedule either our "How to People Again" program special to 2021, or our signature "Facilitated Networking" program to break the ice and get everyone mingling and laughing!

Unique Conference Openers /
Ice Breakers

Two of our favorite programs are perfect for conferences: Facilitated Networking, and the 2021 specialty program, How to People Again.

Both of these programs help take the awkward out of networking, meeting and engaging with new people, and collaborating in the conference space. 

Interested in making the conference-going experience more fun for your attendees and setting a tone of collaboration?  We can help!

Meeting Facilitation

Have a break-out session or an annual meeting or retreat that needs a meeting facilitator to keep everyone engaged and focused on clearly identifying goals and action plans? We would be happy to discuss your meeting needs and how we can help.