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Coming Soon

Holy Moly, do we have a ton of programs coming soon (4th quarter 2023 & 1st quarter 2024) for you!

All what we consider Tidbit Trainings (2 hours or less), these are designed to deliver specific, targeted skill development in a short amount of time:

·       AI for EQ

·       EQ for ESQs

·       Leadership Supercharge

·       Building a Resilience Toolkit

·       Thinking about Systems

·       The Bad Managers' Checklist

·       Creative Management

·       Presence & Confidence

·       The Alien Leadership Technique

·       Naming the Monsters: Growing through our professional fears

·       The Reframing Masterclass

Want to be the first company to partake of one of these programs (and get a sizable discount in the process)?  Contact us today to learn more and discuss scheduling!

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