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Interested in bringing in an engaging, memorable workshop for your group, team, or staff? 

Check out our current offerings below, or contact us to design something unique to train your team on a specific skill.


(Are you an individual and interested in the below topics? Individual coaching is available, and any of the below programs may be available on-demand, as well.  Contact us to discuss!)


Coming Soon: The Leadership Clinic & The Mantis Shrimp Method 

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The Applied Comedy Series

The Connections Series

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Nice to (re)Meet You

Bringing your remote workers together for a first or infrequent face-to-face program and want a fun and interactive program to help break the ice and get them to make some in-person memories and bonds? We have developed the perfect program for our remote workers who need to (re)meet each other!


Available In-person 

2-3 Hour Program

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Facilitated Networking

Are in-person networking experiences feeling awkward, overwhelming, boring, or you need to teach a group of professional students the skills of networking in a real-life experience?

We’ve spent some time coming up with a networking event that you can drop into your professional school setting, alumni event, chamber of commerce, etc., based in applied improv that helps attendees make as many connections as possible in a highly interactive program that allows attendees to laugh, play, and leave with a whole new crew of contacts!


Available In-person 

2-3 Hour Program


The Network Spider

Networking can feel creepy or terrifying to so many people – how do we even start and how do we connect to and build our network in a way that is genuine, organic, and builds real connections?  Bring us in to teach your team about the Network Spider. This is a program focused on the practical: identifying your network, creating individualized plans for expanding and developing that network, and learning and practicing some of the skills of rainmaking and building your book of business through experiential collaborative activities.


Available In-person Or Virtually

(In-person highly recommended)

Half-day program


Bespoke Programs

Does your organization have a highly specific training or professional development need, and you aren't sure how to tackle it?

We have designed & delivered engaging, memorable programs on topics including:

·       Management 101

·       Executive Coaching Intensive

·       Innovative Mindset

·       Storytelling

·       Time Management, Goals, & Priorities

·       Contract Negotiation

·       Marketing Strategy

·       Etiquette: A-Z

·       Interview Skills

·       Leadership Communication Skills

·       & a wide assortment of other professional-development topics

We'd be more than happy to work with you on the development and delivery of the right training for your team's success.  

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