• Jennifer

Everybody fails sometimes

I've been thinking a bit about the Olympics lately. Obviously they have been pushed off until next year during to the current pandemic crisis. I know a good number of Olympic athletes from my time working in athletics, actually, and I can't help think about how they have been doing so much preparation to get to their prime performance for just a particular moment, and now everything is changed. They have to make decisions about whether or not to keep going, and, if they choose to keep going, how to realign their plans going forward.

The Olympics are always a good inspiration for us, but I feel like especially now, they feel like they are a real mirror for what we are going through.

So many of us are facing decisions about whether to keep trucking with our current plans, how to adjust, and whether or not to give up.

And then there's the reality that even in the best of circumstances, even if we plan well, practice perfectly, have all the support we need: we still might fail.

But if we do, its important to remember that we are in good company - because everyone fails sometimes, including the best athletes in the world, who have all the support in the world. And it is going to be okay.


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