"Pre-Baked Programs" are programs that we have designed and developed for use with a variety of teams or groups.  We don't have to start from "scratch" for these.  Take a look and see if any of these might fit your needs!

View from the Inside

Providing a snapshot of where your teammates are right now in regards to their work, communication, and interpersonal preferences and strengths in an interactive, engaging, and fun program, this signature program gives leadership and management the opportunity to get the pulse on the team from the inside, right now, while staff learn about themselves and their teammates, together.

Ideal for: Businesses with multiple team units or leadership layers; Anyone who wants to learn more about their teams and themselves and how to move forward as a group of unique individuals.

Note: This program is conducted in two sessions: one with the full team, and a follow-up soon afterwards with leadership.  Both sessions are highly interactive.


Guided Networking

Interactive programming that creates a new and different networking experience which can teach the skills of networking (as needed by the particular group), engages participants, and acts as an icebreaker.

Ideal for: Conferences; Alumni & Professional School / University Programming; Professional Associations; Annual Meetings



Team Re-building

Playful, interactive programming, available in-person or online, focusing on team communication, stress reduction, and rebuilding team bonds.

Ideal for: Any teams or groups currently experience social isolation and working apart or separated prematurely (ex: sororities & fraternities)


Building Resilience


One topic that has come up in discussions with many clients is the idea of resilience – we all often get knocked down, but we haven’t all developed our resilience responses.  This program will highlight the underlying components of what builds our individual resilience and let participants experience those foundational pieces of resilience through experiential learning and applied improv in a safe and playful environment.  The goal is to leave feeling a little more able to tap into your personal reserves the next time something knocks you down.


This program is offered in a few different formats depending on the size and type of group.  Please contact us for more information.


Ideal for: Student life groups, student orientation programs, graduate schools; New employee orientation programs; Management trainee programs


Train the Trainer: Applied Improv

Interested in introducing your team of trainers to the skills and usefulness of applied improv?  In this program, we will play games and participate in a variety of activities designed to highlight and activate specific skills in trainees, discuss the uses of, growth of, and structure of applied improv, practice leading applied improv programming, and leave with books and other resources to continue to grow your knowledge and skills in applied improv going forward. 

Ideal For: HR groups looking to engage their teams in learning new, interactive instructional modalities

Also available as a workshop for individual registration

Train the Trainer: The Big Process Board Game

We can't lie -- this is our favorite program.  People often learn best when they are taught in a playful, interactive manner, and most of us have complex processes that we need to train people on or at least inform them about.  Let's combine these things and learn how to turn processes into great big board games for training purposes! We will tackle how to identify a process that would be a good fit for being turned into a board game, start the steps of mapping out our first draft of a board game for a process, and learn how to train from a board game with a big group or small group of learners.  It is a bit of learning, a bit of fun, and some arts-and-crafts for trainers!

Ideal For: HR groups looking to engage their teams in learning new, interactive instructional modalities; Groups of trainers who want to get into gamification or find new ways to translate their processes to learning opportunities.

Also occasionally available as a workshop for individual registration

Finding Joy 

Based on a presentation to the 2014 Duke University Research Symposium, this program focuses on both engaging in and introducing participants to simple stress relief techniques they can tap into during the work day or any time. Highly interactive, this is one that will make participants laugh together now and later and creates bonding experiences, along with useful skills.

Ideal for: Large teams who need a break or find themselves in a highly stressful work environment; Conference and Symposia attendees; Associations and membership organizations.

Also occasionally available in a workshop format for individual registration.

Comedy for Communication Confidence


Using experiential learning and applied improv, we fold lessons from stand-up and improv comedy into a workshop format.  Build confidence for public speaking, negotiating, speaking up in meetings, and giving engaging presentations in the workplace.  It’s not about being funny, although fun will happen!  Let’s work together to learn the structure behind what makes comedy work and what makes comedy build charisma and confidence.


Ideal for: Teams of executives, salespeople, or trainers; Anyone wishing to help build their team’s confidence in tackling tricky communications in a fun and engaging manner


Also occasionally available in a workshop format for individual registration.



 Creating the Creative Leader


What makes someone a leader?  What makes them a good leader?  What makes them agile, able to think on their feet, engage those around them, flow comfortably through change and the unexpected, with positivity and creativity?  This program examines those ideas with experiential learning, allowing participants to immediately build new behaviors into their individual leadership styles.  Learn about and try out leadership concepts found in improv comedy for a fun, interactive, and unique leadership workshop.


Ideal for: Management trainee programs; Leadership programs; Community development programs; Graduate school orientation programs


Also occasionally available in a workshop format for individual registration.



MBTI for Leaders


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is not just a tool used to help us understand ourselves and others; it has slipped into common parlance about personalities and preferences.  People mention their “type” in conversation often, but what do you really know about your preferred type, and what it says about you and your team.  Do you know how to tap into that to be a stronger leader?  Prior to this program, you will be provided a link to take the MBTI, and from that we will gather not only your individual profile, which you will be provided with, but a group profile, helping to give us a good view of the leadership group as a whole.  Prepare to leave with a broader understanding of yourself, your team, and how to help others be their best selves!


Available as an online program, as well.

Also regularly available in a workshop format for individual registration.



Executive Communicators


Executives and managers find themselves, often, with some unique communication challenges and a need for listening and responding in deeper, creative, more thorough ways.  The communication skills required for leadership can be developed, and in this workshop, we will highlight many of them, working through them with activities based in experiential learning.  Just like a good leader shouldn’t lecture – you won’t be lectured to here!  Learn how to be the best executive communicator you can be by trying it in a safe environment.


Ideal for: Management trainee programs; Executive or management retreats; Business or Professional school orientation programs


Also occasionally available in a workshop format for individual registration.



Better Leading Through Better Listening


If you are in leadership in any organization, you probably aren’t as good of a listener as you think you are.  I’m sorry to be the one to break the news to you, but it is a consistent problem.  Your teams are communicating to you through what they say and what they aren’t saying, and we are going to work through differences in communication preferences, how to open yourself up to really hearing all the levels in the organization, what might be holding you back, and how to become a ferocious listener, ready to really hear people and let them know you hear them.


Ideal for: Executive groups, management trainees, organizations at a point of shifting their inner culture, leadership groups


Also occasionally available in a workshop format for individual registration.



Other programs are available based in experiential learning and/or applied improv, on the topics your team needs.  Programs we have done in the past include developing skills in negotiation, customer service, career development topics (cover letters, network building, interviewing from either side of the table), and many more.  Contact us to brainstorm the right program for you.

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