Programming & Public Speaking

"Start with a 'Yes,' and see where that takes you."

Tina Fey

Popular Programs:

Guided Networking

Interactive programming that creates a new and different networking experience which can teach the skills of networking (as needed by the particular group), engages participants, and acts as an icebreaker.

Ideal for: Conferences; Alumni & Professional School / University Programming; Professional Associations; Annual Meetings

Team Decompression: Online

Playful, engaging, online program designed to help teams decompress, de-stress, and continue to bond during this time apart. Our most popular current program.

Ideal for: any teams or groups currently experience social isolation and working apart or separated prematurely (ex: sororities & fraternities)

Communication & Negotiation Skills

Interactive programming designed to help individuals improve their ability to capture the attention of teammates at meetings, engender trust in their coworkers and employees, and negotiate business matters more effectively and efficiently.

Ideal for: Leadership & Management Orientation / Trainings; Executive Skills Development; Teams of Contract Negotiators

(Also available as workshop for individuals)

Testimonial: Stephanie T.

(Event Organizer)

We had the honor of having Jennifer McGinnis present at the Association of Women Attorney's Women in Law and Leadership Conference this past fall. Her presentation on Career Development was nothing short of magic. By combining humor, examples, and an informal but highly focused presentation, she demonstrated her expertise in the field and gave her audience very useful takeaways. It is no small feat to keep an audience engaged and alert during the lunch hour but Ms. McGinnis managed to make her presentation informative and interactive. Ms. McGinnis gave the audience clear tips and most importantly, actionable suggestions on how to further their careers. I can confidently say that it was the best presentation we had at the conference.  

Looking for someone to come in and deliver engaging, specialized programming for your group, meeting, conference or event?  I can work with you on the right program to meet your needs, no matter the crowd size or program length.  

A few previous presentations:

  • "The Power of Teaching with Improvisational Play," Play Conference; virtual (previously planned for Clemson, SC), 2020

  • "The Arrows in Your Quiver: Career Development for the Modern Professional," Conference on Women in Law and Leadership; Memphis, TN, 2019

  • "Negotiation 101," University of North Carolina; Chapel Hill, NC, 2019

  • "MBTI & Leadership," RAI Leadership Academy; Durham, NC 2015

  • "Getting to Joy," Duke University Research Administration Symposium; Durham, NC, 2014

  • "Applied Improv for Career Development," AIN International Conference; San Francisco, CA 2012

Additional topics I have covered in trainings and programming:

  • Team Building

  • Stress Relief

  • Customer Service

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Career Development

  • Marketing Plans

  • Salesmanship

  • Topics in Federal Contracting

  • Finding Joy in the Workplace

  • Interview Skills

  • Complex administrative processes gamified to giant interactive board-games

  • Creative Collaboration

  • Spontaneous Problem Solving

  • Improv for Communication Skills

  • Improv for Career Development

  • New Employee Orientation

  • Career Development

  • Communication Confidence

  • Network-Building

  • MBTI for Leaders

  • MBTI for Lawyers

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