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Tina Fey

We offer a variety of training services and programming:

We have a variety of pre-baked programs that we can provide both in-house and online for you and your team.  Some of our most popular current programs are highlighted here on this page, but for the current view of the other ones available, head over here.

Looking for someone to come in and deliver engaging, specialized programming for your group, meeting, conference or event?  We can also develop specialty programs based on your individual needs and on the topics that you'd like to address.  I can work with you on the right program to meet your goals, no matter the crowd size or program length.  

In addition, we are available to do some fill-in trainings for you: if you find that you need help training a particularly large in-coming group of new staff or volunteers, for instance, or just need someone to help out in a one-off instance.

Aaaand we love to help with review and evaluation of your existing training programs, helping to develop the missing pieces and, if you need, deliver them for you, or simply leave you fully prepared to deliver your new programs yourself.

(Looking for programs for individuals? Head over to the Workshops page!)

Popular Programs:

Train the Trainer: The Big Process Board Game


We can't lie -- this is our favorite program.  People often learn best when they are taught in a playful, interactive manner, and most of us have complex processes that we need to train people on or at least inform them about.  Let's combine these things and learn how to turn processes into great big board games for training purposes! We will tackle how to identify a process that would be a good fit for being turned into a board game, start the steps of mapping out our first draft of a board game for a process, and learn how to train from a board game with a big group or small group of learners.  It is a bit of learning, a bit of fun, and some arts-and-crafts for trainers!

Ideal For: HR groups looking to engage their teams in learning new, interactive instructional modalities; Groups of trainers who want to get into gamification or find new ways to translate their processes to learning opportunities.

Train the Trainer: Applied Improv

Interested in introducing your team of trainers to the skills and usefulness of applied improv?  In this program, we will play games and participate in a variety of activities designed to highlight and activate specific skills in trainees, discuss the uses of, growth of, and structure of applied improv, practice leading applied improv programming, and leave with books and other resources to continue to grow your knowledge and skills in applied improv going forward. 

Ideal For: HR groups looking to engage their teams in learning new, interactive instructional modalities

Testimonial: Stephanie T.

(Event Organizer)

We had the honor of having Jennifer McGinnis present at the Association of Women Attorney's Women in Law and Leadership Conference this past fall. Her presentation on Career Development was nothing short of magic. By combining humor, examples, and an informal but highly focused presentation, she demonstrated her expertise in the field and gave her audience very useful takeaways. It is no small feat to keep an audience engaged and alert during the lunch hour but Ms. McGinnis managed to make her presentation informative and interactive. Ms. McGinnis gave the audience clear tips and most importantly, actionable suggestions on how to further their careers. I can confidently say that it was the best presentation we had at the conference.  

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