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My Book

The NSFW Career Guide

Real life short stories (on things like getting stuck in doggie doors and elevators, weird noises, food on the ceiling, and fighting with wildlife) and real career advice (like how you should not be a jerk in the workplace) come together in the career guide that may or may not be useful but is definitely NSFW.

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Career Development

Over the years, I've worked on creating assorted career development information, and I want to share it with you, because I truly want everyone to have the career they want.  It is tricky to "career develop" yourself, but these pieces might help a bit in the process! 


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Recommended Reading

I have some books that I strongly recommend if you are looking for resources to infuse applied comedy into your businesses, meetings, or professional interactions:

  1. "The Deeper, Funner Facilitation Cookbook" by Julie Sheldon Huffaker

  2. "Training to Imagine" by Kat Koppett

  3. "Business Improv" by Val Gee & Sarah Gee

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