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Business Solutions 

Encourage team engagement, build employee emotional intelligence, and make your company a supportive, communicative, and happier place to be with services offered at multiple points in the professional development process: onboarding new employees, preparing internal trainers with new skills, skill-building mid-level staff, and growing the capabilities of leadership!

Lighter Leaders

A 3-part leadership development series focusing on the light in leadership: letting our individual lights shine, lightening our burdens by becoming more effective collaborators, and letting ourselves approach things with a lighter view by learning how to incorporate applied comedy concepts.

Are you looking for a leadership development program that can build communication, collaboration, workplace happiness, authentic connection, and help raise up unique voices?  This series is a highly interactive, unique program that can help leaders overcome fears in communication, develop their ferocious listening skills, celebrate the value of failure and growth, share responsibility, and help lift others up around them. 

3 session program

Come away with:

  • Stronger communication skills & confidence

  • Greater ability to connect

  • Practiced ability to find the path forward

  • A more positive leadership style

Creative Management 101

What makes someone a good manager?  What makes them agile, able to think on their feet, engage those around them, flow comfortably through change and the unexpected, with positivity and creativity?

This program examines those ideas with experiential learning, allowing participants to immediately build new behaviors into their individual management styles.  Activate your individual and team creative problem solving and try out leadership concepts found in improv comedy for a fun, interactive, and unique management workshop.

3 session program

Come away with:

  • An understanding of the skills of an engaging and engaged manager 

  • Broader & deeper communication skills

  • Practiced creative problem solving skills

  • A personal plan for being the best manager possible

Facilitated Networking & Nice to Re-Meet You

2 special programs designed to break the ice and create new bonds.

Bringing a group of people together for the first time and want to help them make as many connections as possible in a fun and relaxed setting?  Facilitated Networking isn't your usual networking event -- it is a highly interactive program that allows attendees to laugh, play, and leave with a whole new crew of contacts!

Or bringing your remote workers together for a first or infrequent face-to-face program and want a fun and interactive program to help break the ice and get them to make some  in-person memories and bonds?

1.5 - 2 hour program

Attendees leave with:

  • Connections

  • Bonds

  • Situational Comfort

  • And, as needed, identified and practiced networking skills & a plan for further network development

Story Tellers

The skill of story telling can encourage and empower employees, engage customers, and make your business and plans memorable and exciting.

Conveniently, learning how to be a great story teller and utilize the skill in the workplace is a fun, experiential program that we offer!

Prepare to laugh with your team while learning new skills.

3 hour program

Come away with:

  • An understanding of the story spine, the skills or story telling, and where and when storytelling can make a big difference in managing, selling, and connecting

  • New communication and collaboration skills

Creativity Recharge

Creative problem solving can seem like a frustrating or impossible skill to develop or practice in a group, but all it needs is a willing mindset and some team collaboration along with a handful of specialized experiential activities.  Thankfully, this is one of our specialties!

Bring us in to help develop and encourage new creative thinking foundations for your team members or provide a refresher for teams that are already pretty creative and just need a recharge, and anticipate a memorable and engaging program that feels like it flies by but will stick with you for a long time afterward!

3 hour program

Come away with:

  • Some new ways to look at things, new ways to connect with each other, and a greater confidence in your ability to creatively tackle whatever pops up

Applied Improv Teambuilding

Looking for an interactive option to build positive team dynamics?  We can help.  We can work with you for either an in-person or online applied improv team building program.  Contact us today to discuss options!

Available in 1 - 3 hour programs

Come away with:

  • New team bonds, connections, memories, and laughter, as well as practiced skills that will translate into future positive team communication and collaboration

CQ for the C-Suite

What is CQ?  It stands for Customer Intelligence.  

How tapped into a culture of customer service is your organization?  Does it flow from the top down and out to your customers, clients, and stakeholders? 

Let's spend some time in an interactive program working to connect back to your company's mission and practicing our best customer service skills, all while learning how to model a customer service mindset that infuses the entire business.

3 hour program

Come away with:

  • An understanding of the structural pieces of internal customer service

  • Developed & practiced customer intelligence skills

Network Building & Rainmaking

A half-day program focused on the practical: identifying your network, creating individualized plans for expanding and developing that network, and learning and practicing some of the skills of rainmaking through experiential collaborative activities.

3 hour program

Come away with:

  • Personalized network map & outreach plan

  • An understanding of the skills of networking & rainmaking

  • A new comfort with the skills involved in building your network & rainmaking

Additional Program Options

We also are regularly engaged for programs in the following topics and are happy to design a version of the below perfect for your group.  Picturing something else?  Let us know! We are skilled in unique and engaging program design and delivery and want to help your team in their professional and personal growth!

  • Customer Service Collaboration

  • Stress Relief & Management

  • Train the Trainer: Applied Improv

  • Media Preparedness Skills

  • Public Speaking Bootcamp

Programs ranging from

1 hour to 4 days available

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