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Facilitation Consultation

One of the places in which we are most frequently asked to assist is facilitation -- whether it is coaching individuals in their own facilitation skills, running facilitation courses, or assisting in the development of engaging, interactive facilitated programs to be run by other individuals.

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We can assist in a variety of ways:

  • Reviewing your existing curriculum or program plan and working with you to identify and fold-in engaging activities that will help learners remember key pieces, give them opportunities to practice "soft skills", help create feelings of psychological safety before more complex topics or discussions, develop team bonds, build communication channels, and generally make your program the one they remember and take with them going forward.

  • Start from scratch with you on designing a program that hits your learning goals and creates an experiential learning opportunity for your attendees.

  • Train you on tips and tricks to make sure learning points "stick" (individualized and specialized Train the Trainer sessions).

  • Identifying Applied Improv or experiential activities from a huge internal library for your particular needs.

  • And we are flexible if you have other needs!

Additionally, we can do all of this in person or virtually.

Contact us to today to discuss what you have in mind!

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Make a big difference in a short amount of time with the Mantis Shrimp Consulting methods.

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