Our Signature Programs are specialty programs we have designed for use with a variety of groups or teams and are tried, true, and tested, as well as interactive, engaging, and fun.

We believe in experiential learning and unique learning opportunities that stick with you long after its over.

Check below for options available online and/or in-person.

Contact us for pricing, scheduling, and questions regarding specializing the programs to your group:

View from the Inside

   Providing a snapshot of where your teammates are right now in regards to their work, communication, and interpersonal preferences and strengths in an interactive, engaging, and fun program, this signature program gives leadership and management the opportunity to get the pulse on the team from the inside, right now, while staff learn about themselves and their teammates, together.  (2-3 hrs total)

Ideal for: Businesses with multiple team units or leadership layers; Anyone who wants to learn more about their teams and themselves and how to move forward as a group of unique individuals.

Note: This program is conducted in two sessions: one with the full team, and a follow-up soon afterwards with leadership.  Both sessions are highly interactive.


Guided Networking

   One of two signature programs that we offer on the topic of networking and network-building, this highly interactive programming creates a new and different networking experience which can teach the skills of networking (as needed by the particular group), engages participants, and acts as an icebreaker. Expect to be making new contacts and laughing throughout the entire program, with no networking discomfort involved. (2 hr program)

Ideal for: Conferences; Alumni & Professional School / University Programming; Professional Associations; Annual Meetings

The Network Building Scavenger Hunt

"Networking" has some creepy connotations of people handing out business cards and asking for favors or trying to hard sell.  However, building our network should be something we work on before we even launch into our careers and then throughout our career development.  In this program, not only will we discuss how to find and develop our personal community, but we will do so through developing our own Scavenger Hunt.  At the end of this engaging program, participants will be energized and excited to develop professional connections in a real way, with no creepiness needed. (1 hr program)

Ideal for: Professional School & University Career Development departments; Membership-based organizations; Salespeople looking for a new perspective on networking building

Also occasionally available as a workshop for individual registration

Train the Trainer: Applied Improv

Interested in introducing your team of trainers to the skills and usefulness of applied improv?  In this program, we will play games and participate in a variety of activities designed to highlight and activate specific skills in trainees, discuss the uses of, growth of, and structure of applied improv, practice leading applied improv programming, and leave with books and other resources to continue to grow your knowledge and skills in applied improv going forward. 

Ideal For: HR groups looking to engage their teams in learning new, interactive instructional modalities

Also occasionally available as a workshop for individual registration

Train the Trainer: The Big Process Board Game

We can't lie -- this is our favorite program.  People often learn best when they are taught in a playful, interactive manner, and most of us have complex processes that we need to train people on or at least inform them about.  Let's combine these things and learn how to turn processes into great big board games for training purposes! We will tackle how to identify a process that would be a good fit for being turned into a board game, start the steps of mapping out our first draft of a board game for a process, and learn how to train from a board game with a big group or small group of learners.  It is a bit of learning, a bit of fun, and some arts-and-crafts for trainers!

Ideal For: HR groups looking to engage their teams in learning new, interactive instructional modalities; Groups of trainers who want to get into gamification or find new ways to translate their processes to learning opportunities.

Also occasionally available as a workshop for individual registration

Customer Service Collaborators

Most jobs nowadays have at least an aspect of customer service involved, and we can all regularly use a recharge to our customer service skills.  In a playful program focused on the collaborative nature of customer service skills, let's work together  to refresh our skills and tap into our best customer service selves. (1-2 hr program)

Ideal for: Customer-facing service providers; Managers; Anyone who works with people!

Also occasionally available as a workshop for individual registration

Da Vinci's Cover Letter

  Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci actually wrote a cover letter once in an attempt to get a new job?  Well, he did, and we will go through it together, finding the lessons we can individually take from it to make sure our own cover letters are unique masterpieces.  Let's decode the mysteries behind writing a cover letter from the master himself.  (1 hr program)

Ideal for: Professional School & University Career Development departments

Also occasionally available as a workshop for individual registration

Program Onboarding

   For employers who bring in short-term program cohorts, such as summer legal clerks, interns, or fellowship participants, we offer a unique, interactive program that will help break the ice, provide group bonding, and set the tone on the programmatic and behavioral expectations for your participants.  We will discuss with you the specific expectations you wish to set with your cohorts and this program will allow the introduction of those specific standards in a playful manner.  Let us help in your group orientation and help set clear expectations going forward! (Program length will depend on specific client needs)

Ideal for: Short-term program orientations, such as fellowships, clerkships, and internships.


These programs not exactly what you are looking for?

Don't worry -- we can offer you many other programs.  We have a programmatic library covering personality tests (such as the MBTI), storytelling development, executive communication skills, comedy for communication confidence, career development, leadership development, and team re-building, all through experiential learning and focused directly on your team's needs.  

We also regularly offer workshops that cycle through a large variety of topics in professional development skills building and frequently launch new programs as well.  Contact us to discuss your team's needs or if you'd like to request a specialized workshop just for you and some friends!

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