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"Start with a 'Yes,' and see where that takes you."

Tina Fey

With our focus on professional development, individual empowerment, and playful learning, we have created a variety of different signature programs to help elevate your team's communication, collaboration, and leadership skills:

  • View from the Inside

  • Guided Networking

  • The Network Building Scavenger Hunt

  • Train the Trainer: Applied Improv

  • Train the Trainer: The Big Process Board Game

  • Customer Service Collaborators

  • Da Vinci's Cover Letter

  • Program Onboarding

For more information, check out our Signature Programs page.

Looking for someone to come in and deliver other engaging, specialized programming for your group, meeting, conference or event?  Want one of our workshops delivered specifically for your group, for example?  We can do that.  We have a programmatic library covering a wide variety of professional development issues and believe strongly in flexibility and collaboration --  Contact us and let us know what you are looking for and how we can help!  Additionally, we can also develop specialty programs based on your individual needs and on the topics that you'd like to address, and we can tweak our specialty programs depending on your concerns or interests.  We can work with you on the right program to meet your goals, no matter the crowd size or program length.  

(We also occasionally offer programs for individual registration.  For information on these, head over to the Workshops page!)

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