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Looking for more information on our signature program options? 

Check out the details below, and let us know if you'd like us to work with you to design something unique. 


Creative Management 101

Ideal for: Management trainee programs; Leadership programs; Teams looking to refresh their ideas on effective management or activate their creative thinking.

What makes someone a good manager?  What makes them agile, able to think on their feet, engage those around them, flow comfortably through change and the unexpected, with positivity and creativity?

This program examines those ideas with experiential learning, allowing participants to immediately build new behaviors into their individual management styles.  Activate your individual and team creative problem solving and try out leadership concepts found in improv comedy for a fun, interactive, and unique management workshop.

Lighter Leaders

Perfect for: Teams looking for a unique leadership development series that will help create collaborative, supportive change; leadership development programs; graduate or professional school programs.

A 3-part leadership development series focusing on the light in leadership: letting our individual lights shine, lightening our burdens by becoming more effective collaborators, and letting ourselves approach things with a lighter view by learning how to incorporate applied comedy concepts.

Are you looking for a leadership development program that can build communication, collaboration, workplace happiness, authentic connection, and help raise up unique voices?  This series is a highly interactive, unique program that can help leaders overcome fears in communication, develop their ferocious listening skills, celebrate the value of failure and growth, share responsibility, and help lift others up around them. 

Facilitated Networking

Ideal for: Conferences; Alumni & Professional School / University Programming; Professional Associations; Annual Meetings

Perfect for bringing groups back together after quarantine.

Not your normal networking night!

Highly interactive programming that creates a new and different networking experience which can teach the skills of networking (as needed by the particular group), engages participants, and acts as an icebreaker. Individuals will meet new people, play together in an environment that helps remove the stress from the process, leave with action items to continue their network development, and laugh in the process!

How To People Again (Specialty Program for 2021)

Ideal for: Conferences; Alumni & Professional School / University Programming; Professional Associations; Annual Meetings

Perfect for bringing groups back together after quarantine.

A special program for 2021, as we get back to interacting with people in person, in large groups or small interactions.  We know the last year and a half has been difficult, and many people wonder how to interact with people in person again.  Let us help take the awkward out of your first get-togethers back together - applied improv concepts and experiential learning mixed with gamification creates a program perfect for the opening event of first-conferences-back or your first all-hands meeting or orientation back from the quarantine.

Add-ons & additional short program options

The above pre-baked programs not quite what you are looking for?  Want to mix-and-match to address your own business needs?

We fully support that.  Check out some of the additional programming options we can cover to help develop workplace happiness:

>  Storytelling 101

>  Interviewing Skills Workshop

>  Public Speaking Bootcamp​

>  Creativity Bootcamp​​

>  Stress Relief & Humor

>  Foundations of Goal-Setting

>  Customer Service Collaboration

>  Applied Improv Teambuilding

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