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Programming, Meeting Facilitation, and Consulting are available to help make the changes you'd like to see in your workplace for team members, in-house trainers, new employees, and leadership!


Creating the Creative Leader

Ideal for: Management trainee programs; Leadership programs; Community development programs; Graduate school orientation programs; Teams looking to activate their blocked creative thinking.

What makes someone a leader?  What makes them a good leader?  What makes them agile, able to think on their feet, engage those around them, flow comfortably through change and the unexpected, with positivity and creativity?

This program examines those ideas with experiential learning, allowing participants to immediately build new behaviors into their individual leadership styles.  Activate your individual and team creative problem solving and try out leadership concepts found in improv comedy for a fun, interactive, and unique leadership workshop.

Applied Comedy

Perfect for executives, managers, teams, and organizations who want to stretch their comfort zones, improve their skills, and empower themselves in new, engaging ways. 

This signature, engaging, 1-2 day program will push participants out of their comfort zones to learn the skills learned from applied improv and stand-up comedy.

Improve teamwork, collaboration, charisma, empathy, creative problem solving, spontaneous communication skills, and listening skills all while decreasing fear and increasing fun.

Become better:




Team members

Idea embracers

Available as in-house or off-property retreats.

Expect an interactive program where everyone will be asked to collaborate, support each other, share, and laugh!

Train the Trainer: Applied Improv

Perfect for: Teams of trainers or facilitators who are looking to add to their creative training toolbox.

Are you a trainer or program and meeting facilitator who is interested in learning how to bring applied improvisation into your skills toolbox?  I don't blame you -- Applied Improv is exploding in popularity, and it is both an incredibly useful tool and fun for trainers AND trainees when done well!

We will:

·         Play games and participate in a variety of activities designed to highlight and activate specific skills in trainees

·         Discuss the uses of, growth of, and structure of applied improv

·         Practice leading applied improv programming

·         Leave with books and other resources to continue to grow our knowledge and skills in applied improv going forward

Train the Trainer: the Big Process Board Game

Perfect for team trainers who need new ways to engage learners and explain processes, as well as for individuals on teams who need to engage stakeholders in fun and unique ways.

We can't lie -- this is one of our favorite programs.  Let's get together and talk about turning elaborate processes into board games! Why? Because it creates opportunities to explain complex processes in fun, engaging, unique, and creative ways with new team members, other departments, and stakeholders!  

We will work together to break down processes, utilizing examples from your own company or group, and start you on the road to having a new fun way to train!

Staff Onboarding

Perfect for companies and groups bringing in multiple new staff at the same time, like law firms or summer internship groups. Also perfect for onboarding teams of volunteers or groups of students to graduate programs.

Set the tone with new team members with interactive, engaging programming designed to help explain team expectations and communication techniques right off the bat. Help new staff come into your company or group ready to be a contributing teammate with their soft skills sharpened.

This program will be customized to your individual company's culture and communication expectations.  

View From The Inside

Ideal for: Businesses with multiple team units or leadership layers; Anyone who wants to learn more about their teams and themselves and how to move forward as a group of unique individuals.

Perfect for checking in with teams after times of change.

Providing a snapshot of where your teammates are right now in regards to their work, communication, and interpersonal preferences and strengths in an interactive, engaging, and fun program, this signature program gives leadership and management the opportunity to get the pulse on the team from the inside, right now, while staff learn about themselves and their teammates, together.

Note: This program is conducted in two sessions: one with the full team, and a follow-up soon afterwards with leadership.  Both sessions are highly interactive.

Facilitated Networking

Ideal for: Conferences; Alumni & Professional School / University Programming; Professional Associations; Annual Meetings

Perfect for bringing groups back together after quarantine.

Highly interactive programming that creates a new and different networking experience which can teach the skills of networking (as needed by the particular group), engages participants, and acts as an icebreaker. Individuals will meet new people, leave with action items to continue their network development, and laugh in the process!

Add-ons & additional short program options

The above pre-baked programs not quite what you are looking for?  Want to mix-and-match to address your own business needs?

We full support that.  Check out some of the additional programming options we can cover to help develop workplace happiness:

>  Storytelling 101

>  The Network Building Scavenger Hunt

>  Interviewing Skills Workshop

>  Public Speaking Bootcamp​

>  Creativity Bootcamp​​

>  Negotiation Skills Development

>  Stress Relief & Humor

>  MBTI for Leaders

>  Foundations of Goal-Setting

>  Customer Service Collaboration

>  Applied Improv Teambuilding


Bringing the team / board / group together to discuss and make decisions on complex things?

Want it to be an engaging, productive, interactive, and maybe a bit fun experience?

We can help.  

Contact us today to start a discussion about your goals and hopes for your next productive meeting.


One program or one meeting may not feel enough -- maybe your company or organization needs some help figuring out what it needs?

We can help with that, too.

We will: come in, look at your processes and procedures, and talk to your team members, managers, and leadership.

Depending on your needs, we can assist then with streamlining processes, design and deliver specialized programming, and help come up with a plan to make your workplace a happier place to be from top to bottom.  Or, if you'd like, we can simply provide a written summary of what we see.

A warning, though: For real change, leadership and management need to be not only onboard with a goal of a happier workplace but committed to assisting with institutional change.  

Contact us to discuss your needs and our schedule.  

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