All April and early May programs have been cancelled. To set-up an online program, please contact us.

Train the Trainer: Applied Improv

Are you a trainer or program and meeting facilitator who is interested in learning how to bring applied improvisation into your skills toolbox?  I don't blame you -- Applied Improv is exploding in popularity, and it is both an incredibly useful tool and fun for trainers AND trainees when done well!

We will:

  • Play games and participate in a variety of activities designed to highlight and activate specific skills in trainees

  • Discuss the uses of, growth of, and structure of applied improv

  • Practice leading applied improv programming

  • Leave with books and other resources to continue to grow our knowledge and skills in applied improv going forward

Next Program: TBD

Executive Communication Camp:

Negotiating, Communicating, & Listening Our Way to Being Better Leaders

Interactive programming designed to help individuals improve their ability to capture the attention of teammates at meetings, engender trust in their coworkers and employees, and negotiate business matters more effectively and efficiently.

We will:

  • Engage in activities designed to improve our attention to and skills in listening, brainstorming, building on ideas and not dismissing them immediately, and making others look good.

  • Discuss the pieces of effective negotiation and how to tackle difficult negotiations while maintaining positive business relationships.

  • Discuss "charisma," learn about what composes it and how to develop it as a skill and how to use it to help our teams

  • Engage in a variety of interactive activities

Next Program: Tentatively May 11th

More information TBD

Executive Career Coaching: Half-Day Intensive

In a small group, let's work together on building communication skills, leadership confidence, and come up with individualized plans to tackle some issues holding you back or bothering you in the workplace.

We will:

  • Engage in applied improv activities designed to help engage leadership skills

  • Discuss moving up versus moving on and how to identify and develop leadership opportunities

  • Work on your individual CVs/resumes and online presence (please bring these ready to discuss

  • Get some new headshots taken (please come looking, shoulders-up, how you wish your new headshot to look)

  • Discuss as a group and work through some of the issues frustrating us and come up with individualized plans to take us forward and upward in our careers.

Next Program: TBD

Improv For Everyone

Once a month, I offer a free 1-2 hour improv session, either as a sampler of improv itself or applied improv on a specific topic or aimed at a specific skill development.  No experience is necessary, and each time will be a different overall experience!  It is completely free, but advanced registration is required (as well as a commitment to have fun!).

If demand for a specific topic is high, an additional time will be added.

April & May: 

April & May's Improv for Everyone have been cancelled. We look forward to seeing you at future events!


Intro to Applied Improv for Human Resources

June 1st / 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Location: Winter Park Public Library

1st Floor Community Room

Registration is Now Open!

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