The Professional Behind the Shrimp

Hi! I'm Jennifer McGinnis. I am a stand-up and improv comic, a former contract negotiator, a consultant, a trainer, a career coach, and a communication expert.

I've helped hundreds of people on the paths of their dreams with SAT and LSAT test prep and career coaching.  I've negotiated thousands (literally. We ran the numbers.) of contracts.  I've been deeply involved in breaking apart the boundaries to making all of these things happen -- helping to identify the mountains that stand in the way of people and businesses reaching their goals and figuring out how to get over, around, or through to the end point.

I am also a renowned speaker and trainer, finding creative and fun ways to explain complex topics in a memorable manner. 

And I am the person you want in your corner. I look forward to talking to you.


  • Duke University, Juris Doctor

    • That’s a law degree – it helps me see the challenges, risks, etc.*

    • * - I am not acting as an attorney or providing legal advice, and hiring me or asking me questions does not create a lawyer/client relationship.

  • Florida State University, Master’s in Educational Psychology

    • This is essentially an advanced degree in coaching and learning.

  • Clemson University, Parks, Rec, & Tourism Management

    • Completing a lot of course work in business, marketing, management, and leadership, this was my playful version of a business degree.

    • Go Tigers.

My new book, The NSFW Career Guide, is now available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.  Grab one today!

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