June is jam-packed with a dozen great programs at affordable prices, in bite-sized session lengths!  Join us at lunch (noon EST) for a variety of career and professional development sessions; registration for all of them is now live!



June 1st: Monthly Motivator: June's Topic: Ode to Hermione

Always playful, slightly irreverent, and a motivational jump-start to your month, our monthly motivator lunch deals with inspirational topics you may not have considered.  Prepare to laugh and leave with some tips on being your best self all month long, inspired by things like dragons, childhood favorite novels, and famous artists.  June's inspiration is Hermione, from the Harry Potter novels.  

Time: 12 - 1pm EST; Cost: $10; Registration now available!

June 4th: Creative Leaders' Lunch: Jen Madriaga, Red Hat

Another monthly treat, our Creative Leaders' Lunch gives us the opportunity to hear from amazing guest speakers and, also, engage our own creativity with some interactive and engaging programming.

June’s Creative Leaders’ Lunch features Jen Madriaga, of Red Hat, who will join us to speak about leading across boundaries and across groups, in the midst of technological innovation. 

Time: 12 - 1pm EST; Cost: FREE! Register in advance, please, though, so I can send you the meeting information!

June 5: Building Your Network: Super Leads Generation for Small Business Owners

In this workshop, we will discuss how to tap into the community and connections that you might not have even realized that you have and techniques to grow your network even further!

Time: 12 - 1pm EST; Cost: $50; Registration now available!

June 10: Da Vinci's Cover Letter

Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci actually wrote a cover letter once in an attempt to get a new job?  Well, he did, and we will go through it, finding the lessons we can individually take from it to make sure our own cover letters are unique masterpieces.  Let's decode the mysteries behind writing a cover letter from the master himself.

Time: 12 - 1pm EST; Cost: $30; Registration now available!

June 11:  Creative Collaboration

This workshop is perfect either as a refresher and recharger for those of us who need to just amp up our collaboration skills or an intro for those who want to step-up their collaboration skills.  We will spend our time playfully working together online in interactive activities meant to activate and amplify our collaboration skills and help us be more creative in how we work together going forward!

Time: 12 - 1pm EST; Cost: $50; Registration now available!


June 12: MBTI for Leaders

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is not just a tool used to help us understand ourselves and others; it has slipped into common parlance about personalities and preferences.  People mention their “type” in conversation often, but what do you really know about your preferred type, and what it says about you and your leadership style.  Do you know how to tap into that to be a stronger leader?  Prior to this program, you will be provided a link to take the MBTI, and from that we will gather not only your individual profile, which you will be provided with, but a group profile for the session to help our group discussion. Prepare to leave with a better understanding of yourself as a leader!  Attendees will also receive a 10-page MBTI analysis of their individual type in the workplace.

Time: 12 - 1pm EST; Cost: $55; Registration now available!


June 15: Interviewing Skills Workshop

Going into an interview can be a deeply stressful experience, but it doesn't need to be! We will spend time in this workshop going through how to best prepare for an interview, either in person or virtually, the types of questions you may face and how to tackle them, and how to manage your interview stress to be able to put your best self forward!  

Time: 12 - 1pm EST; Cost: $40; Registration now available!


June 16:  Mid-Career Changes

As a career coach, one of the biggest questions I face from clients is: "How do I make a change mid-career?"  We will discuss the different kind of career changes you may find yourself facing mid-career, including jumping to a brand new career track, how to maximize your current career to help you step up and out, and how to activate your personal network.  Be prepared to leave with a personal career-development to-do list.

Time: 12 - 1pm EST; Cost: $40; Registration now available!

June 18: Customer Service Skills Recharge

Most jobs nowadays have at least an aspect of customer service involved, and we can all regularly use a recharge to our customer service skills, especially with all the changes we've seen in the world lately.  This workshop is interactive and engaging, and it will be an opportunity to tap into our best customer service selves.

Time: 12 - 1pm EST; Cost: $50; Registration now available!

June 23: Finding Joy

Based on a presentation to the 2014 Duke University Research Administration Symposium, this program focuses on both engaging in and introducing participants to simple stress relief techniques they can tap into during the work day or any time. Highly interactive, this is one that will make participants laugh together now and later and creates bonding experiences, along with useful skills.

Time: 12 - 1pm EST; Cost: $40; Registration now available!

June 25:  Better Brainstorming

We will spend our time together working through interactive activities designed to help activate your creative problem solving skills and working on accepting and amplifying our brainstorming output!  We all have untapped creative ideas inside; let's work together to find some new ways to activate them! 

Time: 12 - 1pm EST; Cost: $50; Registration now available!

June 30: Making Public Speaking Fun

Public speaking fear is so common that it has become a regular joke, but speaking in front of groups of any size doesn't need to be something to be scared of or something that holds us back! Through a combination of tips, tricks, and interactive activities, we will help reduce fear and increase fun!

Time: 12 - 1pm EST; Cost: $50; Registration now available!


A few of the programs you can look forward to coming in July:

  • July 2: Creative Leaders' Lunch: Guest TBA

  • July 6: Monthly Motivator: You're a Shark.

  • TBD: Foundations of Goal-Setting

  • TBD: Meet Your Monster

  • And more!

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