Building Your Network: Super Leads Generation & Rainmaking 

August 21st;  Time: 12 - 1pm EST

In this workshop, we discuss how to tap into the community and connections that you might not have even realized that you have and techniques to grow your network even further!  This program is both informative and interactive, and you will leave with personalized plans on how to grow your business and connections.

Cost: $50; Registration now available!

Starting at the Finish Line: Goals and goal-setting in the new reality

August 27th;  Time: 11 am - 12 pm EST

So many of our regular processes for getting things done have been upended or just disappeared, and many of us find ourselves having to figure things out on our own or without the usual support systems.  Let's work together on the process of identifying the goals we need to reach and back-tracking to identify the processes we need to make for ourselves to make it happen.  This will be an interactive program with some fun examples of goals to help us practice & sharpen this skill!

Cost: $50; Registration now available!

Better Brainstorming

September 1st;  Time: 8-9pm EST

We will spend our time together working through interactive activities designed to help activate your creative problem solving skills and working on accepting and amplifying our brainstorming output!  We all have untapped creative ideas inside; let's work together to find some new ways to activate them! 

Cost: $50; Registration now available!

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