Da Vinci's Cover Letter

October 13th; Time: 12 - 1pm EST

Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci actually wrote a cover letter once in an attempt to get a new job?  He got that job, and we will go through that cover letter, finding the lessons we can individually take from it to make sure our own cover letters are unique masterpieces.  Let's decode the mysteries behind writing a cover letter from the master himself, and make it an easier, less mysterious, and less painful process in the future!

Cost: $50; Registration now available!

Stress Relief and Humor in a Crappy Year

October 21st;  Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 am EST

Are we allowed to laugh when things are this hard, confusing, and constantly changing?  Yes. Laughter hasn’t disappeared yet, and, in fact, humor and stress relief are incredibly important in tough times.

Join Mantis Shrimp Consulting for a special 1-hour program exclusively available in Fall & Winter of 2020 for some laughter and some tips and tricks for tapping into stress relief and our senses of humor in especially hard times.

Cost: $50; Registration now available!

The Network Scavenger Hunt

October 29th;  Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm EST

"Networking" has some creepy connotations of people handing out business cards and asking for favors or trying to hard sell.  However, building our network should be something we work on before we even launch into our careers and then throughout our career development.  In this program, not only will we discuss how to find and develop our personal community, but we will do so through developing our own Scavenger Hunt.  At the end of this engaging program, participants will be energized and excited to develop professional connections in a real way, with no creepiness needed.

Cost: $50; Registration now available!

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