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The Person Behind the Shrimp

Hi there!  I’m Jennifer McGinnis, and I always have a running thread going through my mind on the importance of workplace happiness. 

I've got a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology where I focused my research on stress and performance, an undergrad degree in Parks & Recreation, and am a comedian and a lawyer -- what can I say -- stress, recreation, and the balance and values of these things are just in there in my brain.


  • Helped hundreds of individuals advance their personal goals as a career and professional development coach.

  • Spoken at a variety of events, conferences, and symposia.

  • Closed thousands of deals.

  • Seen all sides of the hiring and career transition process from working in career development, as a hiring manager, on dozens of hiring committees, as a management consultant, and as someone shifting careers successfully herself.

  • Trained a wide variety of individuals and teams on a wide variety of topics, from negotiation skills to leadership development, logic, career skills, public speaking, communication, stress reduction, applied improv, and more.

  • Traveled throughout the country helping clients with relationship development, training, communication, and connection.


Through my combined expertise and experience in contract negotiation & consulting, 7 years as a national trainer for Powerscore, Masters in Educational Psychology, and over a15 years as a comedian, I have a unique perspective and expertise on the art of communication and connection in business and life, and it is something I am committed to helping others with, as well.


So, how can I help you today?

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Get my book now on Amazon in paperback or ebook format!

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