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When I was thinking of what to name the business, the things that I wanted to focus on were that I can see things in a different way, breaking things down into its component pieces with a different type of vision. 

This reminded me of the mantis shrimp.

The mantis shrimp is truly one of the ocean’s most interesting creatures.  It packs an incredibly powerful punch for its size, just like I can do for you, and it can see colors that humans can’t see – it can break light into colors that we can’t even imagine.

The best possible description of what the mantis shrimp is and does has to be that done by The Oatmeal, though, and I would be foolish to not link to his comic here:

"Why The Mantis Shrimp Is My New Favorite Animal."

Looking for more information on me, instead? Click here!

Want a shrimp-shaped stress ball? Drop me a note -- I am happy to send you one!

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