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Why Are We Focused On Happiness?

Curtain Call

1. You spend a ton of time at work / working.  Like, a ton. 

2. Happier workers are more productive & engaged workers and more invested in company success.

3. Happier workplaces make for less employee turnover and far less money spent on hiring and onboarding, in addition to happier customers/clients and better word of mouth.

4. Life is short. Why would you want to be miserable when you can be both happier and more successful?

5. Seriously, so many reasons: less absenteeism, more creative problem solving, greater innovation, higher sales, outperform competitors...


Too many people believe that work has to be miserable, even to this day.  It doesn't.  It shouldn't be.  We shouldn't spend so much of our lives unhappy if there is an option, and there often is.  Want help finding a new job or becoming a better workplace for your workers?  I want to help.

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